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Strategic Thinker. Fashion Fiend. Connector of People. City Dweller. Media & Tech Junkie. Humor Enthusiast. Organizer of Things & Ideas.

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I’m just your (not so) average outgoing, fashion-loving, street-savvy NYU grad with 10 years of experience building relationships and driving business results across public relations, sales, retail, and marketing. Having developed a penchant for diving into new industries, learning new skills and embracing cutting-edge technology, I’ve discovered these core truths: communication is the key to understanding your audience, and nurturing meaningful relationships help us all not just survive, but thrive.

As a self-proclaimed “multipotentialite” – which was so eloquently defined by Emilie Wapnick as someone who has a variety of interests and pursuits over their lifetime, my goal is to bring my breadth of experience to companies and individuals that share my values. Values that include honesty, integrity, communication, dedication, and humor.

My pillars include:

  • Expect the unexpected

  • Give 100%, 100% of the time

  • Always put others first

  • Find the funny

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